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Jolleen 'JoJo' Farmer at only 21 years old, is one of the top female Extreme Freestyle motorcycle riders in the world today! JoJo first joined Las Vegas Extremes at age 17, and has since been hailed as the 'Hottest Female Stunt Rider.' Hit reality television show Blind Date will showcase JoJo's riding ability during their new season. She just finished shooting in Hollywood California with KCAL 9 for their program called Wild on Wheels.

JoJo and her unique talent has also been featured in television and magazines around the world including Philip Morris' magazine Unlimited. JoJo's popularity first started when she starred in four Las Vegas Extremes films.

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"Growing up riding dirt bikes taught me a lot of the fundamentals. My dad used to always take the family up to the mountains for weekends and holidays. I don't think he ever thought his daughter would end up riding her motorcycle for a living."
- JoJo :)

JoJo moved from Huntington Beach California to Las Vegas in 1995. She met up with Pauly and joined the Las Vegas Extremes in November 1999, just after the release of their first film Las Vegas Extremes. She started her training with Pauly by riding on the back of his bike as they performed double stunts together at shows across the US. JoJo was first featured riding with Pauly in a film called Urban Assault.

One day JoJo asked Pauly if she could ride his bike. Pauly laughed and answered no. A few weeks later they needed to deliver a Yamaha R1 to the shop, and JoJo offered to ride it there. Pauly was so impressed with how well she handled the big bore bike that he offered for her to throw her leg over his Suzuki GSXR 750.

"I told him I could ride, he just didn't believe me, so I had to show him!"
- JoJo :)

JoJo and Pauly agreed that she would start her training riding her own motorcycle. Pauly insisted that she would need seat time if she was going to perform her own stunts. The team traveled across the country to New York as they filmed for their new film Las Vegas Extremes II: Leap of Faith.

"I learned so much from riding in New York. This was Pauly's stomping grounds, and the pace was very fast. It was either keep up, or get lost. At first all I saw were tailights, but by the end of our trip, I was arriving before more then half of the boys."
- JoJo :)

Pauly gave JoJo a little incentive. If she performed a "Christ Air" (standing upright on her gas tank) for the release of their new film, she would get to keep the bike she was riding. Las Vegas Extremes II released in February 2001. JoJo had her first starring roll as a Las Vegas Extremes female stunt rider, and was the proud owner of her very own 1998 Suzuki GSXR 750.

"At first I was a little nervous. After riding my own bike for over a year, it was now time to prove myself. All of my hard work payed off. In one weekend, I nailed both the "Christ Air" and the "Cross Over" (seated on the gas tank with feet over the windshield). At 18 years old, I owned my very own motorcycle."
- JoJo :)

As JoJo continued to work hard on her riding ability, Pauly kept raising the bar. Shortly after, JoJo and Pauly went out to the dry lake beds of Las Vegas to work on her "Switch Backs" (riding backwards). By the age of 18, JoJo was already becoming a female phenomenon in the motorcycle market. She was noted as the only female to ride her motorcycle backwards. Many industry manufacturers took notice of JoJo's popularity and quickly jumped on board to help with her training. JoJo is now sponsored as a professional stunt rider by all of the name brand products listed on the Las Vegas Extremes website.

You can also see JoJo's beauty and talent in the Las Vegas Extremes film Vegas Knights, and Las Vegas Extremes GIRLS. In these films JoJo performs on her new motorcycle, a 2002 Suzuki GSXR 1000.

"I can't say enough about Pauly's training techniques. He has really helped me to achieve my goals in the Extreme Freestyle/stunt riding industry. I hope my riding inspires more women to ride motorcycles, and proves one thing... its not just for the boys anymore!"
- JoJo :)

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